About Us

Roberto’s is the richest and most refined creation of Skelmore Hospitality Group. At Roberto’s, the ambiance of European luxury, palate-enlightening cuisine, polished service, and a world-renowned wine list culminate in a modern Italian dining experience unlike any other.  Our world-class team blends an admirably Roman devotion to food with Venetian hospitality and Milanese flair resulting in a unique and homegrown reinterpretation of Italian cuisine that we are proud to share with our city.

Chef Bio

Francesco Guarracino Group Executive Chef, Roberto’s Restaurants

Balancing the legacy of the Dubai restaurant with the challenge of creating something new, the menu offers a mixture of Roberto’s classics alongside exclusive signature dishes made in Abu Dhabi. Executive chef Francesco Guarracino experiments with some pretty bold flavours and creations of his own. Beetroot meets gorgonzola in the risotto while wagyu beef is teamed with matcha tea. Yes, you read that right, beef and tea. Guarracino says of these choices, “We are keen on respecting traditions while implementing resolutely modern techniques and unexpected alliances in taste.”